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“If I can picture it,
I can understand it”
Albert Einstein

About 5W Infographics

About 5W Infographics

5W helps companies from all over the world to improve the clarity and efficiency of their visual displays of information, from magazine graphics to corporate communications.

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5W in South Korea

Posted on November 12th, 2015 by Juan Velasco

5W in South Korea

We arrived in Seoul on Monday. It's 5W's seventh trip to Asia in the last year, but our first time in South Korea. The Government has invited us to participate as one of a small handful of foreign companies to participate in the Korea Design Businees Fair, one of the largest design events in Asia. It includes several hundred exhibitors, and also features the winners of the Red Dot Design Awards, Design Excellence Awards, and Good Design Awards, among others. It's open to both the general public and product design buyers (largely from China, Korea and Japan). Continue reading

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