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“If I can picture it,
I can understand it”
Albert Einstein

About 5W Infographics

About 5W Infographics

5W helps companies from all over the world to improve the clarity and efficiency of their visual displays of information, from magazine graphics to corporate communications.

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Superbad Infographics

Posted on August 29th, 2016 by Samuel Velasco

Superbad Infographics

It is a nice late-summer morning. You wake up, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit down at your computer (or lay down with your iPad), and navigate to your usual news outlets to see what's new with the world today. Then you see it, just there, staring right back at you, the cup of coffee stopped in mid-air in its trajectory to your lips: an infographic so massively bad, so wrong, so ignorant of the most elementary principles of information design, it defies your sense or reality. Continue reading

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