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Samuel Velasco

Creative Director / Partner

New York

In 1989 Samuel was one of the original founders of the daily newspaper El Mundo (Madrid), whose art department quickly became the center of a “boom” of infographics in Europe. From 1990 to 1996 El Mundo was recognized with hundreds of awards by the Society for News Design. Samuel alone won more than thirty.

In 1996, Samuel moved to the U.S. and became an Art Director at Fortune magazine, where he was responsible for the design of features and department stories, while at the same time being heavily involved with the infographics department. During this time, Samuel also worked as a freelance infographic artist. In 2006 Samuel left Fortune to devote his talents to 5W Infographics on a full-time basis.

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Juan Velasco

Founder / Creative Director


Juan Velasco co-founded 5W Infographics in January 2002. He was the Art Director of National Geographic magazine between 2008 and 2014. Previously, he was the Graphics Art Director of The New York Times from 1999 to 2002. Juan has won over fifty Society for News Design awards, ten Malofiej awards, and two Society of Publication Design awards for his infographics work. He was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2001 as part of a team of writers and visual journalists for The New York Times.

As a consultant, Juan has helped to restructure graphics departments around the world, including Le Monde, in Paris, and Puls Biznesu in Warsaw. He is also an instructor for the Show, Don't Tell infographics workshop at the Malofiej convention in Pamplona (Spain).

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Pedro Velasco

Creative Director / 5W Spain Partner

Madrid /

Pedro Velasco is an infographics artist and illustrator. He was one of the founding members of 5W Infographics Spain in 2002. His finely crafted realistic illustrations and graphics for 5W have appeared in many of the leading publications in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Pedro’s skill and command of the infographics language landed him the assignment to create the Infographics Stylebook of ABC (one of the leading newspapers in Spain). The dozens of regional newspapers owned by ABC’s parent company, Vocento, also follow his stylebook’s guidelines. He has received ten Society for News Design awards for his work.

Pedro was on the graphic staff of ABC from 1998 to 2009. Since then he works at 5W Infographics on a full-time basis.

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Martín Velasco

Director of Web Development / 5W Spain Partner

Madrid /

Martín was one of the founders, in 2002, of the Spanish branch of 5W. From our Madrid office, he coordinated the work for numerous european clients, including some of the most important publications in Spain, France and the UK, along with several corporate clients. Prior to that, Martín was a member of the infographics department of newspaper ABC and freelanced for several publications.

In addition to his work in infographics, Martín is an accomplished web developer, and he coordinates and develops all web-based projects at 5W, including interactive graphics. Previous to that, he did front-end website projects for companies like Neoris (developing websites for goverment-based agencies) and Bookassist, developing state-of-the-art CMS-based websites for European clients.

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Linda Eckstein

Information Design Director / Principal

New York

Linda Eckstein is an information design expert and a consultant. For over twenty years, Linda was Fortune magazine’s Director of Graphics, distilling complex financial and economic data into accessible graphic representations. Under her direction, Fortune graphics won numerous awards, including several from the Society for News Design, the Society of Publication Design, and the Art Director’s Club.

Linda is also known for her in-depth research of Fortune’s rich history of information design, a topic on which she has spoken widely and written about in Print magazine. Currently she is working on a book on the subject.

As an infographics consultant, Linda’s clients have included Citigroup, The New York Times, Allen, Textron, and McKinsey.

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Anna Christian

Design Director

New York

Anna Christian is a multi-disciplined graphic designer. She has created numerous award-winning logo, magazine, and package designs, and continues to integrate a variety of mediums including web and iPad design. Anna organizes and analyzes information to help clients achieve their vision and relay information concisely.

Anna began her career in 1991 at Workman Publishing before working at the award-winning Emerson and Wajdowicz Studios, which gave her the varied background that has proved influential throughout her career. In 1999 she became an Art Director at Fortune magazine. Anna ventured back to her multi-disciplined work full-time in 2002, and in 2011 joined 5W Infographics as a Design Director.

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Guilbert Gates

Information Designer

New York

Guilbert Gates has over twenty years of experience producing technical illustrations, maps, and information graphics. For the past several years, he has been working primarily for The New York Times, researching, writing, and producing graphics for their Sunday Business section. In addition, he frequently works for Newsweek and Fortune magazines.

Guilbert’s work has appeared in Scientific American, Esquire, Men’s Journal, Popular Science, and others. He has also worked for several major science textbooks. Guilbert has won awards from Graphis, the Society of Publication Designers, and the Society for News Design, and has appeared in Print magazine, the Illustrator Wow! book series, and The Best in Diagrammatic Graphics by Nigel Holmes.

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Jeff Mignon

Digital Media consultant

New York

Jeff Mignon is founder & CEO of the interactive agency RevSquare, specialized in guiding media companies with Digital Innovation and Content Marketing. Before RevSquare, Jeff was one of the founders of 5W Infographics, along with Juan and Samuel Velasco.

He was one of the creators of, a news and education website for kids. Prior to moving to the US, Jeff was the Co-CEO and Creative Director of Formules Edito-Presse, a French information design and media consulting firm that he founded in 1991. Jeff has won numerous awards with the Society for News Design, Society for Publication Designers, Malofiej (Spain), The Press Guide (France), CB News (France), and UJJEF (France).

Our Clients

United States5W Infographics - Clients in the USA

  • The New York Times
  • Fortune Magazine
  • National Geographic
  • Scientific American
  • Smithsonian Magazine
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Newsweek
  • AARP Bulletin
  • Reader’s Digest Magazine
  • National Academy of Sciences
  • Clinton Presidential Library
  • Associated Press
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Popular Science
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Inc. Magazine
  • Boston Magazine
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Technology Review(MIT)
  • Time Warner
  • Holt, Rinehart and Winston
  • Atmosphere BBDO
  • Intellectual Ventures
  • Qualcomm
  • Oxford University Press
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • Redstar Ventures
  • Workman Publishing
  • International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
  • Malaria Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
  • Junior Scholastic
  • Kelly Doe Studio
  • Lippincott and Margulies
  • Modern Maturity
  • The Washington Post
  • US News snd World Report
  • Best Life Magazine
  • AARP Segunda Juventud
  • Algonquin Books
  • Innovation
  • Read 180
  • Science World
  • Brain Quest
  • Scholastic Classroom Magazines
  • Atlas Capital Group
  • Economic Times
  • NYSE Magazine
  • Discover Magazine
  • Science Magazine
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Bloomberg Markets Magazine
  • International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM)
  • Scholastic Educational
  • Living Independently
  • Scholastic News
  • Technology Group
  • Green Aviation
  • Tom Snyder Productions
  • Up Front
  • Ventertainment
  • Copley Controls Corporation
  • VideoSave Corp
  • BMC Communications
  • Super Science
  • Fandex
  • Vworldwide
  • Swap Jungle
  • Daily 7, 10, 13 and 16

Europe5W Infographics - Clients in Europe

  • Le Monde (France)
  • Reader’s Digest (UK)
  • Reader’s Digest (Germany)
  • El Mundo (Spain)
  • L’Equipe (France)
  • Rizzoli (Italy)
  • Paris Match (France)
  • Wirtschaft Blatt (Austria)
  • ABC (Spain)
  • Bonnier Group (Sweden)
  • Tamedia Publications (Switzerland)
  • Tribune de Geneve (Switzerland)
  • 24 Heures (Switzerland)
  • Le Matin (Switzerland)
  • Expresso (Portugal)
  • Groupe Tests (France)
  • Hachette Filipacchi (France)
  • Welt der Wunder (Germany)
  • Travelview (Spain)
  • Richmond Publishing (Spain)
  • L’actu 2 (France)
  • Le Nouvel Hebdo (France)
  • Le Petit Quotidien (France)
  • Aula de El Mundo (Spain)
  • Matador (Germany)
  • La Gaceta de los Negocios (Spain)
  • El Semanal (Spain)
  • Mon Quotidien (France)
  • Formules Presse (France)
  • Ediciones SM (Spain)
  • Siemens (Germany)
  • Play Bac (France)
  • Progresa (Spain)
  • Puls Biznesu (Poland)
  • Science et Vie (France)
  • Businessman (Poland)
  • Correio da Manha (Portugal)
  • Dziennik Zachodni (Poland)
  • Super Express (Poland)
  • Tagaro (France)
  • Les Incollables (France)
  • Excelsior (France)
  • Mediapolis (Poland)
  • Fotonews (France)

Rest of the world5W Infographics - Clients in the rest of the world

  • Time Magazine (Asia)
  • Reader’s Digest (Asia)
  • Hong Kong University Journalism and Media Studies Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Nuestro Diario (Guatemala)
  • The Bulletin with Newsweek (Australia)
  • National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)
  • Society of News Design, Chinese Chapter
  • Escuela Altos de Chavón (Dominican Republic)
  • El Caribe (Dominican Republic)
  • Naspers Group (South Africa)
  • a! Diseño conference - keynote speaker (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)